From Toe To Heel massage


From Toe To Heel is a studio for energizing and regenerating massage of feet and hands.

The massage is based on Eastern medicine and treats the points located on the feet and hands. Each of these points is related to the vital organs in the body and their massage helps relieve pain and discomfort in the specific area.


“From Toe To Heel” massage soothes tired and swollen legs; It works on blood circulation and lymph flow. The feeling after such therapy is of lightness and increased energy throughout the body. The duration of each massage is one hour. During the session, the 36 points located on the legs are massaged, as well as the ones on the hands, head and neck. The aim is to ensure the relaxation and pleasure of the body and spirit.

We joined forces with the massage studio From Toe To Heel and now our Oregano Foot and Lavender Hand Balms are an important element in all the massages. So, apart from the pleasure of the relaxing massage, we add purely factual and all-natural skincare – softening, nourishing, soothing and protecting the feet and hands.

For reservations, questions and details:

⦿ Bulgaria, Sofia, str. Tsar Ivan Assen 2, #6

☎︎ +359 88 770 3514


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