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It really works, you know!

Sore Nose Balm really works

This is an absolutely sincere compliment, isn’t it?

A favourite situation that is happening more and more often.

I met a friend on the street the other day and she started telling me excitedly how our Sore Nose Balm really works; how her nose was runny and clogged and how she suddenly realized she had one of our little tins on her, and it … “it really worked!” She told me so and I remember standing there wondering how to react … I smiled slightly, thanked her heartfully, and a myriad of thoughts and emotions invaded my head … the temperature raised suddenly, I was worried, happy and proud at the very same time.

Such situations are extremely sweet! This is sincere, real praise of something we’ve created with our own hands and full hearts. Such words are the strongest recommendation I would like to hear about all our creations – constantly, loudly and from everyone. 🙂

Just a second, though, shouldn’t I persuade people and not the other way around? We are the ones who know what is happening, how and why? Isn’t that the reason why we created it in the first place? We are sincere and strongly believe in everything we do and say. That’s right.

I wondered and I wandered and then I started nodding and repeating “I know, I know…”

I know it is the truth. Our Sore Nose Balm really works because when we invented it, we had only one goal in our minds – to simply make a real, working Sore Nose Balm. We wanted it to unclog the nose, and to help with the healing of the skin around it, which inevitably gets red and irritated. We put camphor essential oil in it to help the unblocking. It is a strong, warming stimulant that has a clean, fresh scent. We also added the petals of Calendula, which are well known in traditional medicine with their healing properties. We’ve heard all kinds of Calendula stories, all of them with happy, making-magic endings. We blended everything carefully and thoroughly, we added a little bit of shea butter and other essential oils, and we tried it shortly thereafter. It was winter and thus we had the opportunity to study it thoroughly…

The confirmation and approval of a work well-done is a sweet delight, which might border with a certain sin… For someone to tap you on your shoulder and to say “Bravo” and “Thank you” at the same time is a force that not everyone manages. And yet, everyone who succeeded and did tell us so, let us, in turn, say “thank you” for this excitement, the warm words and the absolute amazement 🙂

You are also welcome to share your experience as a recommendation on the page of our Sore Nose Balm here. This will allow more people to hear, test and praise our little Sore Nose Balm and it will continue to thank us back by retaining the entities of our noses!

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