Interview with Anna Tsolova

Anna Tsolova decides to persue journalism when she was 15 years old. She does public speaking more than 20 years and now, with passion and enthusiasm she shows the others what she has learned with her new personal project “Talk to be seen”. Here Anna Tsolova tells us her secrets of how she manages to always look immaculate.

Hello Ani, how are you?

Lovely. In a creative drive ☺

Do you have a favourite flower?

Lily of the valley. And roses.

And what do you think about Geranium as an ingredient for jams?

It’s not my favourite.

What is your profession? A TV presented, a reported, a teacher?

I teach how to speak with influence in front of a small or large audience.

Since when do you do that?

2 years now. But I do public speaking for 19 years now. Through those years I made over 10 000 TV interviews and was on air around 7 000 hours.

Every time you look flawless, well slept, fresh – how does that happen?

I don’t put too much effort. My main effort is to have my face well cleaned.

Isn’t that exhausting? What don’t we know about that job?

It is exhausing. I stopped loving the exhaustion from work and that’s why I stopped working that.

Tell us, what type would you consider your skin is?

I would say my skin is the patient type. After so many years of daily heavy stage and TV make-up, my skin behaves well, especially having in mind that I don’t take much care of it. I don’t gift my skin with special cosmetic care. I don’t visit cosmetic centres. I haven’t undergove any corrections. Otherwise, I think my skin type is mixed.

Usually, how do you care for your facial skin? Do you use creams, cleansers and/or other for the face and when – during the day or at bedtime?

I wash it in the morning and in the evening with a lot of water and a deep cleansing gel. I put on cream only in the morning.

Tell us please, how does our day cream Vanillaworks for you?

I have been a faithful follower of that cream for several years now. And my skin feels very well.

Which other products of ours have you tried?

Carrot Eye Cream and Spirulina Body Scrub.

Please tell us honestly, waht makes you order again and what stops you?

I like the feeling of naturalness in all Handmaids products. I like the natural scents and the feeling of spring after I put them on. I like the packaging very much and the way the products look. What stops me? I am not a big fan of online shopping. And this is the thing which stops me from ordering more and more.

What are your recommendations for/constructive criticism of us?

I have no critisism.

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