Handmaids pop-up shop

Handmaids pop-up shop

This is the 5th consecutive year, somehow unexpectedly, since the creation of the initiative for the art district in SofiaKvARTal” and the adjacent “KvARTal Festival”. It is held between the boulevards “Dondukov”, “Maria Louisa”, “Slivnitsa” and “Vasil Levski”.

This weekend, on September 19-20, 2020, at KvARTal Festival 2020 / Vol. 5 we will be guests of our friends from Art.E. They were infinitely kind to invite us to make our own Handmaids pop-up shop. We will settle comfortably in their beautiful space and so we, this year will be part of the KvARTal initiative.

When you come, you will be able to refresh cracked summer lips and emotionally dried hands. We will also present our new product – a Soothing Rose Toner, with panthenol and Aloe Vera. In a convenient and well-protected, 50ml amber glass bottle, this toner can refresh a person wherever and whenever it is. Its active ingredients work in a team to soothe tanned skin, restore the natural balance and protect the face from harmful external factors.

And last but not least, on Saturday from 19:00, there will be Quiet night music from the second balcony with Militsa Gladnishka, which is definitely something worth hearing and seeing! Here you can say that you will come. This is how Facebook will remind you when the time comes. Until then, be a happy, healthy, successful, beautiful, good, warm, thinking, awake, smart, calm and confident person. 🙂

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