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Did anyone say Geranium?

Geranium, ah? It’s a spice for jams. This is its most famous feature on our lands. Whoever I talk with, they all exclaim “Aw, for jams, right?” And yes, it is for making jams mainly and most of the times.

And if I have to be absolutely honestly frank, my two grandmothers have never put Geranium when they made jams at home. I believe this might be one of the many reasons why I love them so much.

I love eating jams, especially sour cherry jam, but to find a squashed green leaf in the jam jar, messed up to the ears in jam from anything, it was a real childhood nightmare experience for me. I do not even remember its scent … I just remember stretching it out under the weight of the jam and wondering where to stick it and how to get rid of it in the most painless way…

I fell in love with Geranium much later on, when I was already a grown-up, and it was definitely before I realised that it was that thing in the jarred jams. Its scent grabbed me straight away, for always. Incredible!

This lovely flower has an ancient history and besides its wonderful scent, it also has many other useful properties – secret, mystical and factual.

Planted around the house, the Geranium is believed to protect against witches and unclean forces. In France, they give it to young girls wishing them a happy female fate, and in Tibet, they believe that it heals eye diseases.

On all magical, herbal and witch paths, the Geranium is said to be good for fertility, health, love and protection.

This explains, to a great extent, why it is so widespread in the preparation of sweets and winter preserves. It is believed that the Geranium is beneficial and acts favourably on the nervous system, takes away fatigue and tension, and acts as a natural disinfectant. It protects against bacteria and helps to get toxins out of the body.

The Geranium essential oil can help with stretched muscles and skin sagging. It is also beneficial for acne and scarring. It acts tightening and toning, flattens the complexion, soothes the skin and awakens its glamour.

Another important benefit of Geranium essential oil is that it acts as a mosquito repellant! What a great thing: to smell lovely while taking care of ourselves without the annoying mosquito buzz!

Here is a good infographic of the benefits of Geranium.

Here we have hidden our lovely night face Geranium serum! And this link leads to our Spirulina Body Scrub which also contains Geranium oil and makes the whole body smell lovely for hours!

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