Detox Your Products Virtual Summit

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Detox your products is a virtual summit which lovely and full of enthusiasm Radha organised during this July.

In 2006 Radha establishes Tirtha – a salon and spa centre. It is full service and comfortably setup in Buckingham, Virginia. It specialises in products and ervices for natural and organic hair and body care.

The subtitle is “Ditch nasty chemicals, Revamp your routine and Revitalize your skin”. This is how Radha managed to gather about 20 green skincare entrepreneurs from all around the world. It’s interesting how (except that we are all women) everyone of us has a strong personal story. Each one of us speaks about how she started and why she got into skincare. This Detox your products visrtual summit unites us. It shows us how strong we are and yet how small we are in comparison to the big fish in this endless ocean. It’s good to see such soul mates from all over the world. To hear their stories. To find out what type of person stands behind all those brands for pure, natural and organic skincare.

And this here is our Maia, who tells our story. She starts with how the business started and talks about the difficulties nowadays. The discussion with Radha continues into the benefits and difficulties of supplying ingredients. We drift into discussions about skincare, natural flowers of Bulgaria, and even a whole section about haircare.

We hope you find it interesting and cannot wait to hear your comments, advises and suggestions for our future public appearances. If you have an idea of how the market of natural cosmetics could develop faster and better, we will be even happier to hear your suggestions. Enjoy watching!

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