An interview with Maria Andreeva

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Maria Andreeva studies communications in France, and meanwhile, she managed to build a large audience on Youtube and Instagram. She says she just had a lot she wanted to share and decided to try, without expecting the project to grow to such a scale. She says she just had a lot she wanted to share and decided to try, without expecting the project to grow to such a scale.

Maria does everything with desire and ease, not because she “needs to”, which is perhaps the secret of any successful endeavour. Maria is not just another influencer – although she loves fashion, she clearly states that she does not agree with the mechanisms of the industry.

Other topics of concern to her are discrimination, religious conflicts and global warming. And they naturally lead her to help with whatever she can, because that is how she feels the most satisfaction.

She is a fan of our products and fits in perfectly with the ideas of the brand, so we are very happy that we were able to talk to her. Here’s what she told us.

How would your relatives describe you?

I didn’t know, so I asked my mother …

“You are definitely ambitious, intelligent, overly mysterious, straightforward and kind. And endlessly fun. “

Okay, that last bit, I added myself, but only because she forgot.

What is your favourite herb?

It must be Thyme! There’s something so pure in the scent of freshly picked thyme … I adore it!

Tell us about that place in nature that has stayed in your heart forever.

The place with a major “P” for me is Mirror Lake, as only I call it. It is located in a village where I spent a lot of time in my youth (i.e. to this day). I was picking up mushrooms with my grandmother, going picnicking with friends, chasing the sunset and reading my favourite books. It sounds so romantic, but this is what it was, and still is.

Would you tell us about a beauty formula you learned from your grandmother or mother?

From my grandmother, I learned not to trust products whose ingredients sound more like a tongue-twister rather than something I would put on my face.

My mother showed me that beauty starts from the inside. That often the way we look from on the outside greatly reflects our spiritual state.

This is the reason why I am now working on feeling good and using only natural products (as much as this is possible nowadays, of course).

What do you do and what was your journey until now?

Currently, I am a student in France, but in my free time I write, draw, read, cook, take photos. In other words – I am not bored.

My journey has been long, bumpy and obstructed, but aren’t exactly these roads leading us to the most beautiful places?

Would you describe to us a day of yours?

Nope. And not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t. My daily routine is quite dynamic lately. I travel constantly, and with that my routine changes. One day I go out with friends and catch up on the time we have never seen each other. Another day I spend on the beach, the third day I am running up and down for work. I try to get the most out of each day, but at the same time, I try to rest.

How do you manage to look fresh and rested against the backdrop of your busy program?

Sleep, water and lots of fresh food. Nothing more, nothing less.

What type would you define your skin as and how do you take care of it?

My skin is rather normal to dry.

I use the moisturizing Handmaids Jasmine Cream in the morning and evening. I do it with gentle tapping, gentle rubbing and massage. I try not to wear any makeup, especially on hot summer days, and I always wash my face with water after I get home. I don’t know if it matters, but it definitely feels very relaxing.

Sometimes I also make a Corinne Taylor deep cleansing face mask, a British brand of handmade products that I am extremely pleased with.

Could you tells us how you feel about our products?

I currently use а lip balm, а face cream and а hand balm and I am really happy that such a Bulgarian brand exists. Each time I apply these products, I immerse in a cloud of aromatic herbs, and this seems to turn a boring routine into a new, magical experience.

What is your recommendation for us to help us improve?

Don’t stop doing everything with love and desire! Sooner or later the work will pay off!

For the final, would you share something in the form of a wish, a quote, a sentiment, or whatever you decide?

Just a reminder:

“Be the change you want to see in the world!”

Gandhi’s words, which we have probably all heard dozens of times, always remind me that change begins with ourselves. If you want good – do good! It’s so simple.

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