An interview with Alex Andonova

Alex Andonova black & white photography

How would your relatives describe you?

  • Perhaps they would describe me as an (over) organized and responsible person who can always be relied on. I’ve heard they call me cool too, but my friends are all jokes.

What is your favourite herb?

  • My favourite herb is lavender – it has a lot of great properties for our body and skin!

Tell us about that place in nature that has stayed in your heart forever.

  • My whole life has passed in nature – in a pretty town near Sofia, at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. Our house is at the very top, exactly where the forest begins. I spent my childhood playing games outside, and my home would remain my favourite place in nature. I hope this forest stays around for a long time because it brings peace and enjoyment to the soul!

Would you tell us about a beauty formula you learned from your grandmother or mother?

  • I learned one thing from both of my grandmothers – every morning, wash your face with cool water and comb your hair. Maybe it is because of this “ritual” that I have no problems with my skin so far, and my hair is healthy and thick.

What do you do and what was your journey until now?

  • I am a person who is always involved in many different things. I am currently studying photography, but I work as a video and photo editor. Until recently, I was doing copywriting, but I found that it wasn’t for me. This summer I started learning Italian – it turned out to be terribly interesting and fun. However, I still think I haven’t found my mission. I am particularly interested in living with less waste and more minimalism. My journey until now was neither very easy nor very difficult. I know I still have a lot of highs and lows to go through, but that motivates me to continue stubbornly towards my goals.

Would you describe to us a day of yours?

  • My days are quite different and dynamic. Usually, in summer I get up early, have breakfast, take some time to read a book and/or play sports and then start working. In the afternoon, I either shop or do the cleaning. By the time I realise, it’s dinner time, and then I take a walk and spend the evening either meeting friends or relaxing and having a good time.

How do you manage to look fresh and rested against the backdrop of your busy program?

  • For me, sleep comes first. But really! If I didn’t get my sleep, I can’t be fresh. Of course, I don’t always manage to get it. In such cases, a nice orange juice, a meeting with friends or an interesting book awaken me.

How would you describe your skin type and how do you take care of it? (please describe the types of products and how you apply them, as well as the frequency)

  • I believe my skin is normal to mixed, as it tends to be dry in winter and more greasy in summer. In the morning, I wash my face with water and apply face tonic. After that, I apply the Carrot Eye Cream & a hydrating face cream by Handmaids. Finally, I put a sunscreen cream, a very light mineral foundation, and a lip balm. In the evenings, I wash my face and apply night face serum Geranium by Handmaids. I believe the “secret” to a nicer and radiant skin lies within the minimalism – the fewer products we apply to our skin, the better.

Will you describe to us how do you like our products?

  • I found out about your products after I became interested in cosmetics with a cleaner composition and eventually I fully replaced the products I was using up until then. I wanted my skincare to be made here in Bulgaria, to be with natural ingredients and to have a positive effect on my skin. I was extremely pleased and I wouldn’t now replace you with anything else. Ever since I was a child, I have these unpleasant little pimples on my forehead that almost disappeared when I started using the Jasmine Face cream. I am glad that in Bulgaria there are such high-quality skincare brands that are made with lots of love and diligence, they are not harmful to us or the environment and are affordable.

What is your recommendation for us to help us improve?

  • My recommendation is to make a series of hair products! It will be true happiness for my hair, which does not like any shampoo.

As a final thought, would you share something in the form of a wish, a quote, a sentiment, or whatever you decide?

  • I wish you to be very healthy, smiling and to continue to grow more and more! And a favourite thought for the finale:

“Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.” – Michelle Obama

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